Have you ever seen the rain

Listen & Read Your short, precious, unpredictable life is not about chasing a desire fed by your good pal, The Ego. No, this life is meant to be explored each and every day. Don’t hold off on something now with the hope that someday that mirage of a fruit will fall from its tree into your lap. Work hard, but not so much that you are blind to the present day and its abundance of opportunities. Every new day offers something uniquely beautiful. I am constantly learning and reinventing myself. For so long I have held off on things I truly wanted to do. I made sacrifices for the future – so much so, that I neglected my true self. I lost sight of my own interests and passions. Not to discredit the hard work – I am always a proponent of achieving dreams and feeling secure – but don’t forego the present. So go explore. Get your hands dirty.  Fall. Fall hard. And get back up – dust yourself off, and keep on exploring. Don’t roll your eyes as I must remind you of this all-too-common phrase: Do one thing a day that scares you. It’s liberating, transporting you back … Continue reading

Black Shield


A post I drafted from the airport in Vegas, 3 weeks ago: Black. All black everything. Shoes, socks, pants, shirt, luggage, cell phones, laptop, and even the laptop wallpaper. My bitch face is the cherry on top. This face says “I am not interested”. I start off new tasks or journeys with vigor and a keen desire to become acquainted with others. Perhaps a pop of colour here and there. Yet, this dwindles day by day ’til I find myself bitch-faced and adorned in black on the last leg of my travels: Dublin, a couple smaller places, and now Vegas. But little do people know the sweetness behind the stiffness, and the smile itching to come out in response to a good joke or friendly salute. What is so appealing about such a shade? Black can be perfectly representative of a mood – not to be mistaken with somberness, but rather the “I have seen a lot, slept very little, and have important things to do” mood. Black holds mystery. The thoughts of an independent soul who inadvertently observes a lot, possibly too much, can be contained within the safety net of Black. Now, people watching has become a tough … Continue reading

A “hearty” storm


Listen & Read: Fall is here. The air is crisp; the leaves are changing face and shedding. A wave of outdoor activities is rolling into my agenda, with the hope that I can squeeze every last drop of this weather before the snow comes. I’ve been busy making like a package and getting shipped here and there across country and county borders, yet trying to absorb the beauty of my surroundings. However, there is a lack of stillness. We can be keen observers, but being able to absorb is a whole other story. It’s about picking out the feelings you get from your surroundings and reflecting on them. And time – actually, stillness – is needed. Things are moving fast. One week in 45 degree Vegas, the next in rainy Toronto, and the next in a solely French-speaking small town in Quebec. When environments change so quickly and you are not traveling for pleasure, it can be hard to take it all in and appreciate. Yet, the other day, when the church bell was ringing throughout this small town – a town with no website and where everything is word-of-mouth – I took a moment to glance from the car … Continue reading

1 Month – 5 Life Lessons

I have fallen off the face of the earth, recently. New job, travel, moving, furnishing, health issues, and overall just tending to myself. Despite this fast-paced month and lack of sleep, I have been the happiest I have been in a while. I used to think that I needed the occasional time alone to absorb and rationalize through moments in order to plan, but I found myself thriving off this constant movement and actually doing more, being more, and changing more. It may seem like common sense, but how often do you find yourself planning when you have all the time in the world, yet crossing off barely 20% of your list? Meanwhile, when you are busy, your list is always in your head and you manage to run off your adrenaline and touch all unfinished points. It can’t last forever of course – that’s not healthy. Which is why – 1 month later – I finally have a weekend to catch my breath and write, which is a great way of recounting events and reviewing performance. Some things I have implemented and learned from in the past month: 1. Always have good intentions.  I wanted to write an entire … Continue reading

People-Watching & Plane-Talking


Listening to the newest Mixofrenia radio show and sipping my coffee, admiring the sun and reflecting on the people and places of June. It goes like this… Two hours spent cooped up in a Belgrade gate waiting for another Air Serbia delay. I say in, not at, because the gate was a separate room with security check at the door in front of all the waiting passengers, and no toilets. I felt like I was back in the 90s as a tall, done-up woman went around one-by-one to check passports. However, the stunning view of the city situated right on the Danube, with its strategically-placed buildings, houses on the water, and hilly green backdrop made up for the airport. But that’s another story…one to be created, as I hopefully will have the occasion to go back and explore that country so rich in history. Looking around, my eyes darting back and forth to two Slovakian tattooed male models who caught my same flight out of Bucharest, I managed to fixate on an older couple. I love trying to pin-point where people are from. Dark features, prominent noses, leather loafers for him and cork wedges with red straps for her, matching their … Continue reading

Observing, wishing, living

Travel gives you a unique perspective into the lives of others and how so many of us have such different paths all under the same sky. This past month I have been on 9 planes, numerous trains and buses, and it makes distance seem so minor. I am but an observer, a speck in this large cosmic entanglement of emotions, actions, and consequences. Despite distances and environments, humans are fundamentally the same. We tend to drift monotonously through life, as if with our eyes closed, trapped in a bubble of self-importance. But at the core, the majority of us have good intentions. We love to love and love to be loved. A smile feels better than a frown. A compliment can make our day, and being desired is wonderful. Above all, we have a deep strength and the ability to adapt and overcome dire situations. We also have the power to change – the power to look within ourselves, sort right from wrong, and set goals. I seek inner peace and an abolishment of labels. I have no identity. I sell myself for work, for passions, for friends. But my true self has no identity. All I know is I … Continue reading

Soul Spotlight: Donny

This guy. This guy right here. A hustler in the truest sense, Donny is relentless with an innate capacity for hard work. He proves time and time again that he can overcome any obstacle, no matter how rough the circumstance. With an infectious smile and a warm heart, he seeks to know everyone for who they really are and holds off on judgments. If you need help, he is the first you should call – although he may not like me saying that. Donny is one of the realest guys I know, and extremely easy to be around. Every hang out seems to lead to an all-day adventure with an excess of food. Armed with a sharp mind, an education in radio broadcasting and a voice fit for any auditory medium, he also has a knack for combining patterns and overall looking fly. Plus, a growing collection of Pumas. We should all take a page from D’s book, not just for fashion, but for his unique perspective in life. He appreciates the simple things, is wise beyond words (but also modest), and is content with his efforts and the life he has created all on his own. It’s only the … Continue reading

Copenhagen Casual

If there is one word to describe Copenhagen, it would be “cool”. Cool to the last drop. Cool starts from the city’s foundation, seeping into all the cracks, all the nooks and crannies, and flowing upward, flourishing and molding itself with the surroundings. It sprinkles upward to the sky, forming an umbrella of cool, encapsulating the city in its entirety. That may be an exaggeration. However, upon landing and waiting for my [longest, first best] friend’s Barcelona flight to land, I had a couple hours free to indulge myself in my favourite activity: people-watching. With a delicious Baresso cappuccino in hand, I immediately noticed a distinction that made certain people stick out from the rest. “Higher than usual” would be a good term to describe them. Their height? Higher than usual. Cheekbones? Higher than usual. Fashion? Higher than usual. Haut. Cool factor? Higher than usual.  Yep, these must be Danes. Why cool? Because it’s effortless. The entire vibe of the city seems effortless…almost nonchalant. Where other major cities emit a loud energy, trying to prove something, Copenhagen – in stark contrast – is comfortable with itself. This is reflected in its infrastructure, values, and people. Traffic flows with immense ease … Continue reading

[Haphazard] Short Story: The Path to Change

Her life has been a self-inflicted battle with her demons. A game of tug-of-war. She tried so desperately to change to her ways, to somehow be like everyone else. She battled it to the end and left behind scraps of her diary – a look into the inner workings of her mind. The struggle ensued as follows: ———————————————————- “The taste of cold coffee is one thing I can never learn to like – no matter how many times it happens. I sip my coffee while I do work in the morning before the world wakes up, yet I never finish it before I have to move on. Move on. Keep moving. This has been my mantra for the past years. It’s amazing how you make a decision that you think is best for you, yet when it isn’t, your stubbornness doesn’t want you to let it go. It’s my own fault, really. The best way to put it is like being caught in a storm of thoughts that push you around like bullies on a playground. One direction represents my dreams (those ones deep down that we rarely admit to and probably never pursued because of f-e-a-r) and the other … Continue reading

The Creative Energy of Bucharest

As someone who returns to Romania sporadically, the changes I’ve seen in cities such as Bucharest are likely ones that locals are accustomed to, yet to me represent tiny improvements toward a greater collective. This past summer, it felt like Bucharest was coming together and redefining its lost image as “Paris of the East”. Clean streets in the city center (despite the crazy traffic), numerous places to grab a delicious bite and lounge, and tourists out and about with their handy DSLRs. While these were all immediate observations, I couldn’t help but feel something brewing below the surface. A Monday summer’s night in Bucharest’s center is comparable to a Saturday night I’ve spent in other major cities. Weaving in and out of quaint streets, it’s easy to find a place suited to one’s interests, be it jazz lounges, techno dance floors, or classic bars and Irish pubs. One bar in particular, Bicicleta, remains engrained in my memory. It’s a vintage bicycle bar employing a minimalist touch to the interior in an effort to focus attention on its stunning collection of bicycles. Sitting on the balcony atop unique bicycle seat bar stools, accompanied by the pulsating music of the nightlife below, and hearing praises … Continue reading